Dan at work on his next project

Welcome to danboyts.com

On this website you will find examples of works created over the last five years. Included are samples from several genres and styles to give an overview of the range of my skills and abilites.

Some of the web pages are landing pages and may seem bare when taken out of context. If you would like to view them as they exist on the actual website, go to historiccstreet.com, point to the "About" tab, and click on "History." This will take you to the landing pages associated with the site.

In addition, if you would like to view my display websites that show use of internal and extenal links, video links, and other special features and functions you can reach them at usability.danboyts.com, and bassists.danboyts.com.

To protect the proprietary nature of my content, many works are password protected. If you would like to copy or use any of the items in this portfolio, you should obtain permission by providing me with a legitimate reason for those copies, and assurance that they will not be used improperly.

To obtain my permission, or for other matters, please contact me at dan@danboyts.com